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Warranty Policy
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Warranty Policy
Warranty Purpose
To establish a standard repair(alternative)program, so as to provide the best product quality and warranty service to customers.
Warranty Period
In order to provide a systematic after-sale support and warranty, TAICENN company provides 1~2 years warranty period to our standard solutions and products, also we can provide added-value service to extend the warranty period.br /> To Box PC and Panel PC products and solution, all products warranty period is 2 year;
To industrial monitor (Display) products and solution, all products warranty period is 2 years;
To all ODM/OEM products, customized products, all products warranty period is 1 year, also can be discussed to extend the warranty period;
TAICENN company Warranty period starts from the date when customer received the shipment. Every shipment, serial number and warranty date will be recorded into our system.
Service within warranty period
To the new TAICENN standard products, once defect on arrival (Defect-on-Arrival) are found within a month after customer receive the shipment, we will alternative a new one as soon as possible;
To OEM/ODM and customized solutions and products, once defect on arrival are found within a month after customer receive the shipment, TAICENN will make and alternative a new one for the defect as soon as possible;
After alternative warranty period, each defect product returned shall has no any damage, scratch, change and mark, TAICENN has no responsibility to exchange these parts; If customer need to exchange these parts, TAICENN might to charge some cost;
Once any defects or problems happened, TAICENN team will check and evaluate in advance, under sufficient discussion with customers, if we think problem is slight, TAICENN maybe provide some guidance or requisite parts to customer, and customer solve the problem. Or the product has no need to return TAICENN after-sale center, TAICENN will provide enough knowledge to solve the problem locally;
To any other abnormal defects, we will go to repair process, and request to return the RMA to after-sale center (HK), TAICENN will repair the products and qualify them again.
Service out of warranty
Products or parts changed by users or customers, serial number label are missing;
TAICENN company reserve the right to definition the RMA and warranty, if improper use, disassemble or change without TAICENN’s permission, improper operating condition, improper maintain, or other reasons;
Damages caused by lightning, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster;
RMA process
Get RMA code:
Each defect product must get a RMA code by TAICENN approval. Any defect without a RMA code will not get a warranty support from TAICENN company;
Please submit your defect details, serial number, operating conditions information to TAICENN support team. TAICENN support team will qualify the defect product condition or all option, to provide a best support method; If RMA must be returned to after-sale center, our team will give a RMA code, and provide perfect warranty service;
Any defects which TAICENN team think can be solved simply and easily in local, TAICENN team will try to provide enough knowledge to solve the problem. If customer agree to do in local, TAICENN will not give a RMA code.
RMA return:
All RMA products can be returned to TAICENN after-sale center in Hong Kong. TAICENN company strongly suggest not to return accessories, such as user manual, cables, other guidance. To memory or storage parts, we suggest to remove them from the product, if there are no problem with them.
All RMA products shall be returned with a paper, which need to describe the defect description, operating conditions, and returned accessories or parts.
We might request you to declare lower value and describe ‘RMA product for repairing, no commercial value’ in the return shipping invoice to avoid the tax by Custom and quicker Custom clearance;
Each RMA shipment should write RMA words in the outer carton for a quicker and safety process;
Before returning the RMA shipment, please pack well the shipment, to avoid the damage from the shipping and transportation;
RMA shipping cost:
To a DOA failure, TAICENN will in charge of two-ways cost, the return (Defect) and shipping cost (New alternative) will be paid by TAICENN company;
To a normal RMA repair, the return shipping cost should be paid by shipper. TAICENN company will pay the shipping cost to customer;
To a RMA return out of warranty, shipper need to pay two-ways shipping cost, except TAICENN company agree to pay something and support.
RMA processing time
● TAICENN goal is to provide a very quick response and delivery support for any possible defects, because each project and product are responded by an engineer account;
● Normally, it will take about one week processing time (After we receive the RMA shipment) for TAICENN standard product; Each defect will be supported by engineer, and TAICENN team will give customer a processing team before giving a RMA code.
● Once RMA products are solved, we will inform customer, and re-ship out again immediately.
● If RMA is much more urgent, please contact with TAICENN support team for a quicker and urgent RMA support.
Other warranty issue
● TAICENN has responsibilities and obligations to provide official failure report for all RMA service;
● Any other RMA requests from customers can be discussed with TAICENN company, TAICENN will try to support with all our projects and products.
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